Frequently asked Questions
The following are some questions that are asked by clients.

Can forms be customised to suit our business?

Yes, all the Ostendo forms can be customised to suit your business. Invoices, pickslips, packslips, delivery dockets, purchase orders, job orders etc can all be user-defined. Images and barcodes can be added to all forms.

Can this Ostendo program really integrate into my MYOB network?

Yes it can. Now you do not need to learn a new accounting system or spend extra money on upgrading this aspect of your business.

Is multi-warehouse/ multi-bin location functionality available?

Inventory can be tracked against multi warehouse and multi-locations.

How comprehensive is the inventory tracking?

Inventory can be tracked by multiple units of measure, revision number, serial number, colour, lot, grade, size, expiry date plus unlimited user definable properties. Images, documents, history and warranties are all traceable to an item.

Can we track customer calls?

Customer calls can be tracked in the call centre management system. A complete call history and quote history can be maintained including conversions to actual orders.

How can we track our costs and profits?

Cost methods include standard, average and actual and can be tracked by job or project to provide detailed planned, actual and projected costs at the various task, job or project level.

Our customers want consolidated invoices?

Invoices can be consolidated per delivery, week, month or project. The consolidated invoice includes details of each delivery. The invoice format can be user defined invoice to meet your customer requirements.

We have too many product numbers and BOMís in our system can these be reduced?

Use our custom product configurator and easily create new product combinations on the fly at sales order entry time without the need to create new products numbers. Variations can include varying dimensions, colours, features or options.

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